Washer & Dryer Repair

Washer/Dryer Repair

Washer and dryer repair is a necessary feature of any household. The two appliances are vital for the functioning of the household itself. When these malfunction, the house is thrown into disarray. Below we are going to sift through some common issues with washers and dryers.

13 Common Issues with Washing Machines

1. Loud

Washers can extract a range of varied sounds. Some main causes are; squeaking belts or tapping motors or bearings. Understanding the sounds can go a long way in fixing the issue.

2. Leakages

An old door gasket or malfunction valve will cause leakages. The compartments may need replacement; however, repair could also be an option.

3. Not Starting

Malfunction timers, door latches, fuses or electrical controlling units may reject operation. Check whether these are related to you to diagnose a concern.

4. Does not Toss

A lack of tossing could be due a cog issue or even a transmission fault. Check these sections to determine whether replacing or repairing is the most viable option. A professional can help in this situation.

5. Timer not Advancing

Checking the motor or drainage pumps to control this concern is the best step.

6. Pumping but not Spinning

Assessing the motors to see if there is a fault should be your first step. Once found, find a viable solution, which may be either of replacement or repairing the affected parts.

7. Shaking

If there is shaking, checking on the tub straps, shock absorbers and leg aligners will assist you in locating the cause for concern.

8. Not Filling with Water

Finding out how to check for a faulty hose of water valve will help you determine the reason behind a lack of filling.

9. Burning Odour

Worn belts or motor pulls could trigger a burning sensation from the machine. Check these parts to determine the correct location of the potential fault.

10. Continual Filling

A fault level switch, inlet valve or tubing can stop the machine from regulating the level of water fill.

11. Filling and Draining Together

Checking the level and pressure switch will help in determining the sight of fault.

12. Not Hot or Cold

A malfunctioning hose or switch may be causing dysregulation of temperatures. The use of a professional may be your best solution in this case.

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7 Common Problems with Dryer and DIY solutions to them

1. Not Working Despite being Connected

If power is connected to the dryer and it fails to work, there may cause for concern with your households' electrical circuit. A tripped circuit or blown fuse may be the culprit here. In this case, the breaker may be switched on, in order for the fuse to be changed. This is the most optimal time to assess voltage, utilizing a meter. In order for electric and gas dryers to run, there is a necessity for 240 voltage watts to run at full operating power. If there is a failure to run at optimal rate, there is cause for an electrician to assess.

2. Working but not Heating

If switching on but turning off after 5 minutes, this may be an issue related to the thermal. If the fuse blows, it will turn off to stop the risk of temperatures rising too high. This sensor can be assessed by utilizing a meter to check for usual operating. Ensure you assess timer and heating elements to find out whether there is power getting to the source.

3. Wild Vibration and Sounds

If there are strange noises, this is due to imbalance. Alignment is needed to create a level dryer. If this does not occur, greater damage will be had.

4. Prolonged Drying Periods

If you're experiencing prolonged drying time, or lint coverage, ensure the filter is clean. Air is unable to move through the filter if it is filled. This is most commonly causing a prolonged operational time. Post emptying the filter, a full clean should be done to make sure no left-over residue remains.

5. Clean Filter but No Drying

If clean and heating to optimal temperatures, but continues to take a prolonged amount of time, you need to check a couple of potential causes. One being the vent; if this is built-up or not connected, you will experience a longer cycle. By using a strong brush, you will be able to clear the vent of any build-up.

Short brushes may not be able to tend to the correct zone. This is where you can utilize a blower to clear the inner of the vent. Professional help is also a viable option in this case.

Your next step should be to ensure the outer of the vent is cleared. As the majority of vents have trap-like doors, which are unable to open if the blowing of air in undertaken - your door will not open. This will occur when humidity is high.

6. Still Unsure?

Proceeding this, you should assess your owner's manual thoroughly. However, calling a professional may be the most affordable and effective option in this case.

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